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“Why do you want to workout”

That is one of the first questions I ask a new prospective member at 614Fitness.
The answers vary but usually stay in a pretty narrow lane:

  • “I want to lose weight”
  • “I want to feel and look better”
  • “I want to live a longer more vibrant life”
  • “I want to look good for my upcoming _________ (wedding, reunion, vacation, etc.)”

All great reasons and no judgement here on any reason to work out.

But recently, an interviewer asked the Arnold (Schwarzenegger) why he (still) works out.
Watch the video:

“Training is part of my life.”
If you want to really lean into whatever your goal or motivation for working out might be, here is this is the best advice ever:Make training and fitness a part of your life.Just like eating
Just like sleeping.
Just like brushing your teeth.

It’s something that you do. Even better, it’s who you are.

One of my clients told me that they get asked all the time why they do personal training with me twice a week. (Rarely misses!)
They were going to explain that before starting training they were bed-ridden for 2 years, told they would never walk again without assistance and that the condition was permanent. They were going to tell them about doing all kinds of things they couldn’t do before:

  • Box sits
  • Plate Jumps
  • Wall pushups
  • Battle Ropes
  • Bench presses

But that would take too much effort to tell them about all the new and exciting strength they had found, and were not even sure the questioner would understand.

“It’s what I do” was answer enough.

Perhaps the best advice I could give you is to ask yourself this question:
“<< Test First Name >>, why do I workout?”
And then answer like this:

  • “Because it’s what I do!”
  • “Because I’m an Athlete!”
  • “Training is a part of my life!”
  • “Because it’s who I am!

It’s who you are: Stronger. Healthier. And a little better everyday!


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